review: sheep placenta fruit juice facial mask

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finally, i tried out the sheep placenta fruit juice facial mask sheet that my cousin gave me....okay i thot it will smell like sheep but thanks god, no. smell more like fruity sorta hmm im not sure. okay.. it has lotsa essence left okay, so if u got extra empty mask sheet, you can put it inside the mask bag again & you can use it twice.jimat bukan?...

When i applied the mask on my face, i can feel the cooling it!i peel off the mask after more than 20 minutes and wipe the liquid on my face with wet towel( you can also leave it to make the essence absorb into skin).

The output: voila! i saw my face turning brighter/white... abit weird tho but i love has somethings todo with the secret essence right?. i must say i'm gonna buy this product soon!hihi....btw, thanks ila. ;)

ops! sorry,for the horrible look! ouch!

Rating :
5/5 (the best whitening sheet mask i ever tried!)



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