review: Bobbi Brown long-wear gel eyeliner(black ink)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eyeliner is used to give shape to the eyes and define them as desired. An important part of eye makeup, it is often used after eyeshadow and before mascara. Eyeliner can be used to add the dramatic touch to your face or soften the look of your eyes. ;).

I know im suck at liquid eyeliner.....i'd tried so many times but it's still gave me not a perfect output :(. i prefer to use pencil eyeliner than liquid...but sometimes, using pencil eyeliner will not appeared much on top of eye shadow-ed right?

How bout the gel liner? so hoo i prefer from Bobby Brown. which has highly rave, i found it easy to apply compared to the liquid.. but still you have to use a brush...slowly gently apply it between eyelashes, but this also take practice and patience.hihii...but, i reckon it's easier than apply the liquid & it stays on all day long.;).it's also worth for money. (price: rm70)




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