impulse buying.(review: m.a.c select moisturecover)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I know.. i'm not that kinda person who'll stick 100% to the plan that i've planned. for instant..when i suppose to buy.. BB concealer, but end of the day.. i bought something from mac, which i thought is more cheaper...actually memanglah saya desperate nak beli that concealer to hide my dark circle sbb i nak wear contact lens again...okay. .i'd read so many rave about BB concealer, but because my dark circle a bit teruk jugalah, but again...because i have a tight budget, and because...if i buy BB concealer..i also have to buy their corrector...which double of my budget*sigh*....sooo because i cant wait, i terus g mac counter and this lovely Malay promoter came...and...approached me, so i asked her about the concealer, she recommend me this:

and...on skin.(you have to choose concealer which is 1 tone lighter than your foundation!)
below: sorry, i didn't use any foundation.( skin: no editing/close-up /photo with flash).& my camera cannot capture good image without flash. :(
my verdict:
Overall, i dont think it's really hide my dark circle, just so-so, but still i'm gonna used it...however, i still love the texture, not thick and it's moisturize,easy to apply using my finger!...okay sorry for BB, perhaps i'm gonna buy it someday. hmmm we'll see. ;)

Rating : 2.5/5

owh i forgot to mention the price right?. this select moisturecover price at rm68.

Owh...before i 4got, i need to download these: gossipgirls (2x11),antm(11x11,11x12),csi(9x06),92010(1x04-10).


Roxy on November 18, 2008 at 11:14 PM said...

i haven't tried that concealer, but i just got their studio finish concealer and i love it! it hides my dark circles but the only thing is it doesn't hide bags! but you can't have everything right?


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