Sheep Placenta Fruit Juice Facial Mask!

Monday, November 17, 2008

That's sound scary right? placenta...? Sheep?? ok... i knew placenta helped alot in beauty product/skincare....& most of the cosmetic usually include the*special placenta* make a great beauty hooo whateverlah. Actually, this mask is courtesy of my cousin, Ila. she's one of the beauty geek(mostly about skincare product....ok just ask her!(unfortunately, she didnt has any blog yet!). She gave me one sheet of this mask to try out.... ( which she bought from malaysianbabes COD... i dont think it's avail at any outlet yet...perhaps at SASA?).This mask actually made from Korea..yah you can see the tulisan there right?.She also suggest me to try out the collagen drink. hmmm.....& a few beauty tips. thank you-thank-you deeelott!! haku sayang ko!

okay to know more about this mask... kindly, please enlarge the photos below. hihiih....


Anonymous said...

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