tears dry on their own...

Monday, March 10, 2008

it is too hard, i dont have the answer. bleeding much than i'm expected. still i have to go through. i just want to be happy.please... laugh again not crying and sighing. please.

i have a friend that might probably hear what i said, i'm not going to cry on his/her shoulder. i dont want to pour everythings... to them...i'm not desparate to have someone to fill the void....all i want is some honesty..i want something that can stop the bleed.i need somethings to forget everythings...every single things.

TMTH ...but i cant handle anymore. i want to stay positive, but i feel like...im pretending. too much i know... and too much i still want to know. lotsa questions and doubt. it's killing me inside. i was alone...settling my feeling here.jst here. i still wonder..how certain ppl can cure when they're down. and how about the happy-love in the air feeling out there?. im not envy but i'm just wonder.tooo much in my head, too much i have to swallow......only bitterness is in my heart now. how i wish i didnt know...everythings. Haih......



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