Sunday, March 9, 2008

I hope the things that happened will be for the last and very last one. i cant hold any despressed feeling anymore. i dont want to waste my time for keep thinking of this things again-again (even i'm trying to forget) but, the piece and pieces of the leftover still there. Grateful, because i still have friends that can hear my tearful heart ....thanks for the words and advised.i 'll changed my phone no... there's the first things i did. i'll avoid everythings from you... Thank you for making me like this, thank you for being selfish and so shame on you. you let myself drown in misery and you rejoiced're happy to see the other party suffered. Maybe you forgot, and it's okay, if you told the bad things about me to other party. ...because i'll already knew your drama...your script...and you good at manupulating things. ...ha!!! im too tense and i dont want to think about it...please.

i'll continuosly babbling about feeling...perhaps. my heart is hurt..deeply hurt. you cut it open. u never ever care about it... hmm.. i wont despair to this. but, it just somethings too hard for me to accept and everythings seems bleak empty and i feel lost. i know Allah is always there, im not losing my faith, this feeling, everythings is inevitable and... i wish i never knew....but why must i know... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??????????????????????



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