Monday, February 25, 2008

The weather is damn hot today. i went out with mom, we went to Pej Pelajaran for submit the application form for guru sandaran...so, mom met her kawan lama there...masa mengajar dulu. one of them..pernah mengajar aku but unfortunately.. i da lupe. haha..so hopefully dapat lah kerja tu...the payment is quite okaylah rm2000++ for guru ganti and... rm2400+- for guru sandaran. plus staying kat rumah kan...so sgt jimat...or i can jolijoy with that money.haha...berangan.. okaylah..better than i dok nothing je kat ruumah...
ade rezeki.tak kemana.. wish me luck!

Next we went for lunch at KFC. haha yeaaa finally, i bought the KFC MUG..Then...to Maybank. paid all the bills, asb and ets.

so penat. so panas. need rest.. so taataa then..



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