Sunday, February 24, 2008

So, mylife is good.
i see the sun shines after heavy rain. owh watever.

I've send many resumes and cv, and i received a few calls for interviews but didnt go for it. I just went for the PTD exam last saturday but didnt put any highhope for it...=).
Hmm, i did feel there's a barrier that i have to go thru...before entering to the real working world. mom that always care and overprotected.mom that always fussy, and mom always wanted the best forme.

So, tomorrow i'll go to Pejabat Pelajaran . Hmm.. i hope i can get the job, as a guru sandaran.haha me become cikgu?omg. yeah...most ppl said that i shouuld mewarisi pekerjaan mak saya tu.owh watever.. as temporary/sandaran teacher, why not eh? nghee..

Yesterday i received a wedding invitation card from Lia..(my ex-dormate back to SAMURA 1998) and today.. i got sms form 2t asked for my adds, yes also for the same purpose. hoho... time flies really quick eh?and apparently im still single and nothing has changed.

For me, relationship with man doesnt really work , and the hell i dont know why?!ngahh!!i've been cursed.probably NO..haha well, maybe im not meet the real perfect guy yet or there;s no guy left for me.

hehe... :p



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