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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Tired. today i go to postoffice and send the remining resumes to other companies...another job applications. ok.then, pergi beli
barang2 dapur with mom.
Then ke hosp..visiting my nenek
sedara.... then..baru balik rumah okay.

yep, i want to tell here that certain someone makes me smiling all the way. i love this feeling. well, even temporary. i dont care =)

Hmm... 6.00pm , i checked my e-mail. yes..lately, i always have the interest and regularly checking my e-mail, mane tau ada e-mail for interview kan?*wink*..tak macam dulu..i let my inbox..with thousands no. of mails and junk mail.. and so,...i received 2 e-mail from abg.zaki, he wanted me to send my resume and details direct to....Puan y.. which is the mgr of human capital for MGCC. i was like hhaa..? okay. 50%-50%... and i'm waiting for the next phase. whether..kene call ke tak? we'll see...



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