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Monday, December 29, 2008

Do you have dark lips? and it's bugging you so much when you're wearing lipstick/lipgloss and all you can see is your dark lips.yikes!that's horrible!... i thinks most or few of you might have this kinda problem problem right?

According to, there are several factors that can cause of this problem , such as use of some cheap brand of lipstick, sun exposure, heavy application of lipstick, drinking tea or coffee in excess.But the most important cause of dark lips is smoking.It can also be due to allergy and dryness.

So, have you heard of Benefit Lipscription?? Actually, this review was base on my cousin's personal experience using this product.She told me that, she was so tempted to buy the Benefit benetint but when she went to Benefit counter and tried the product onto her lips, all she can see was her dark lips, the benetient pink colors didnt stain and she was so frustrated. Then the SA introduced her with the Benefit lipscription.......The SA claimed that, this product can solve her problem. So, we'll see.

I like their product description:
"Before you even contemplate kissing, make sure your lips are soft, smooth and sensual with dr. feelgood's lipscription. One tube exfoliates, and the other smoothes and moisturizes. It's the sure-fire set to smooth your pucker!"- Benefitcosmetics

As you can see from the picture above, the box contained 2 'kissing' tubes . First tube is the exfoliating lips beads & the second tube is a silky lips balm duo....

How to apply:
Firstly, you use the exfoliating beads and scrub gently onto your lips for few minutes...Then wipe it off with tissue. Finally...then, you can apply the silky balm duo all over your lips... Tadaaaaa you can feel super smooth sensation on your exaggerate that...=p

I dont know whether this product will really lighten dark lips, but this product contains AHA and jojoba to scrub away dry lips and lines, and the balm is loaded with Vitamin E and chamomile. Perhaps they have Vitamin E right??

If i'm not mistaken the price is rm110 for both tubes. You cant buy 1 tube.. hmmm quite pricey but i think it;s reasonable price for 2 tubes & 32 g total net.

I don't have any yet, i have to ask my cousin for the actual result.But, for only 1 application she said, she can see slightly difference. For more info of this can go straight away to Benefit counter near you.Find the best SA that have full knowledge about the products instead of just selling the products. =)

owhh... before i off, i also found a few tips that might helping you to maintain red lips(
1. Carrot and orange juice should be taken for maintaining red lips.
2. Before going to bed massage your lips with drops of glycerine, lime juice and honey.
3. Lemon is natural bleach apply it with a little glycerine at night.
4. Almond oil is good for discoloration of skin. It can be used any where in the body.


mIZz *.* aYNa on September 6, 2009 at 3:44 PM said...

You make me wanna get this stuff asap, hehehhe =P have u tried it dear??? Let me know your own verdict ya... wink2

ms.iu on September 6, 2009 at 11:15 PM said...

huhuhu..owhh... my cousin yg die kate okay..this biasalaaa product2mcm ni kene rajin skit nak apply kan?huhuhu ;)


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