Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Only 3 months & i've HIT the pan!..oooo my maquicake!!

Aihh...i hate searching for foundation. The right skin tone color, non-cakey/chalky,oil-free..looks natural...watsoever...aaaihh... & i'm kinda person who's likes & itchy to try for a new brand....

but, not every brand will suit my skin right??

I found for a drugstore brand Revlon is the best compact/foundation that suit my skin, compared to Loreal or Silky Girl...havent tried ZA....

For others, i found m.a.c quite good & Lancome maquicake sooo light,like i didnt wear all...havent tried other high end brands....hihi..


I'm preparing for a new compact foundation/2 way foundation...but, i dont know what to choose yet! haih...yes Chanel is in my wishlist. I'll check it out this weekend.

chiowwww.... ;)



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