question?.getting married?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lately i've been bombarded again with the same o'questions, when are you goin' to get married,aiyu? perhaps, most of the girls who's still single & same age as me or older than me might also have the same problem as mine.haih.. it's not a problem actually but i guess that type of question sometimes, annoyed me so much lah.The question repeating over and over again..whenever i met my mum's friend & yes even my mum also asking me the same question.*sigh*

please gimme a break!i'm only 26.opsie(issit a big no.?) sortof, i know.......

Ok, to cut it short, i am too tired in relationship, too tired to think about it again.
my ex also got a new gf,perhaps??bhooo..
he deserved it, it's ok. :)

As for me, better i think about job & beauty stuffs right?
yes! and money!definitely!!

denial! denial!denial! am i??

who's on earth tak mo kawen weh? halooo..
i'm goin to tight the knot soon, next year perhaps..
i really want to settle down.
have a simple yet meriah garden wedding of the year,
beautiful make-over.
simple dais with fresh white lily of valleys...
not to forget pink& white rosess...
i love the theme to be purple & pink
but i wanna wear white+silver.
i want it to be perfect,ok! =)

hmm too much of imagination right?hope dream will turnout to be reality.amin.

owh december already, 2009 is approching...
sungguh cepat masa berlalu...kan???



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