FOTD: on a date (part 5).*updated*

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

nomatter who or what you looked like you still have to be beautiful,inside or outside.Be happy for what you are, spend & cherish enjoy your life to the max eventho sometimes we can't avoid from hurtful part,right??oh whatever,perhaps it's may sound cliche can we tell?? it has to move on nomatter what.... =)

ok here i'm back to the topic,fotd:on a date(part 5).hihii

what i used?

just 10 steps:

1.Revlon Long Wearing 2-way whitening foundation(natural tan)
2. m.a.c select moisturecover(n30)
3. Loreal de'crease
4. ss pigment: silver polish.
5. mj es: tropical fish
6. ss pigment: midnight
7. m.a.c fluidline(blacktrack)
8. elf shimmering whip
9. chanel blush duo tweed effect(tweed ambre)
10. m.a.c lipglass fluer delight.

notice something is missing? yes mascara! i didnt use any mascara for the look. :P


i also made this, my fav black & purple after i saw this lah :D. im not expert but boleh lah...suka-suka...;)

what i used? only these:



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