Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i'm dead bored again. finished watching heroes 308,gossipgirl 209-otw 210,90210 epi 103...waiting for fringe...107(downloading).

countdown d day! yeppei.

save more.cant wait for this month pay.hiks!

oan, i'm so looking forward to the m.a.c little darling...(notsure whether buy it or not lah)...& more m.a.c holiday collections.

nars blush

chanel tweed
nars blush(approx rm:123++@lowyat.net+ shipping or price may vary from time to time) vs chanel tweed(approx-rm152@counter)...if i'm not mistaken.
of coz i'm goin to take chanel...;),eventho highly rave of nars blusher(super orgasm,orgasm etc).bila lah...nars nak wujud kat m'sia eh?...or sphora...?? aihh aih...

still, i'm hunting for more...budget products.
save or splurge , me choose!...right?

latest update : all done!!!



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