Monday, October 13, 2008

hmm have been quite a hectic week since lastweek. nottomention my side business income, everythings went well accordingly to what i wanted it turn tobe.Alhamdulillah...
i like my colleagues, love the environment of work even tho sometimes i also feel bored, .i admired my boss so much, he's type of boss that's always concern to his subordinates etc.so hoo relief!!..

i'm actually taktau nak blog ape, but... i need to pour somethings!*writer blog*

last saturday, ada eid celeb+potluck kat my workplace. i was actually one of the first arrived at that majlis taw.hiks! brought along some kuih raya.....

Esok my ex-colleagues will come to my house!!! think think ape nak masak nieh??



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