what to expect when you expecting?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


second day at school..? sgt suke...coz i met few new friends..
yg also GStt..dan senasib.
patut harini stayback sampai 5.30pm, tp dah sume

suppose..ade interview harini..but tak pergi.
and also on friday..kat MIDF(Malayasian Industrial DevelopmentFinance Bhd) at kL...
it was a good opportunity...
hmmm they are actually seeking MMU graduates..
coz i never apply for the job.heh! they took my name from mmu.:P
masih duk fikr..lagi ni.hmmm...but, most probably i wont go.
or..maybe..i must cling to the fact..
that i was born to be a teacher.

but rezeki makin bertambah....alhamdulillah.happy rasa...
maybe betul apa yang orang selalu kata.

yea! sok cuti.



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