coz..time takes time...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

...melawan kesepian.

While, both of them might be delighted to the love thropy they'd won,or in another words they're happy to see other endure the pain, and i still standing here trying so hard to digest every's kinda melancholy and sappy things to remember.right!?.some part was too hard to forget. beauty of the memories was intertwined with sadness. The fact that i have to consume more bitter than sweet part.haih...

On the lighter note, perhaps i sound too good with those words.perhaps mylife is better to be this way. perhaps it is good not to hear or see all the perfect deceiving drama from you again.

Or, the Almighty has already showed me the mr. right.but it is too early for me to decide. because i'm too afraid to get started allover fact, maybe because i already had somethings good in life now. apparently a good noble job.



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