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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

*issit that cool?*

11.38pm. i feel bored and i dont know whatelse i cud do instead of watching tv and surfing the internet. which kinda slow... now.hurm.. a big question hovering around my head right now. but i have to act positive...because i know the truth is like that.coz, i never decide anythings for that.whatever happened was the best for him.not us. but all i cud do just accept it. it's kinda weird to think and to believe when he said he missed me yesterday. because the truth is..*deleted*

i wont drag myself into trouble again. i hv to be strong. it's fine to feel like this..lonely and sepi at least now i have some space to think and to give ultimate indulging to myself with self-spa-at-home. make myself happy, pampering myself.from head to toe. ;).heaven!!!!!

wherever the worst part goes? let it be. let it go and disappeared. because i believe perhaps one day, the time will come. enough with that guy. it will only make you feel miserable and hurt to death.:P..(not until i found the right guy again.).let the love die and fade away...it wont comeback again.

i should forget it. love & guy is not the only things.. we're searching for.but anyway i still admit that knowing him, gave me bittersweet memories. but... time flies...people change... love die...

so, that is it. a very thank you. ;)



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