Monday, January 4, 2010

Okay only today i managed to go to Robinson, and see for myself  DIor...illuminating pearl...face powder. Yep when i saw it,  it's pretty.. i like the peachy one..i almost..almost.. got it for myself... PAUSE ! STOP!! I DONT! when i swiped it on my hand... unfortunately.. i dont know.. somethin about the texture.. it's like white powder,it's kinda frosty like msf....(the color dont really show up on my skin-i only can see..the white powder,well i know it's highlighter..sob-sob-it may not suitable for me,perhaps for lighter skintone).. i think.. quite the same like msf.. but, i must say (in my opinion i like msf better, abit smoother...).. and of cos.. the price.. whoop.. rm186.., but it comes with sturdy metal case... well.. it's Dior..anyway..

thank god. save my purse!



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