Review : Olay Total Effect Cream Cleanser (for Blemish prone & Oily skin type)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Halooo i'm back with review..

it's kinda hard to find Olay cleanser for (blemish prone & oily skin type cleanser)  normally the  i can only find for dry/normal skin of type. ohh well..  lucky me i got this the only left at Guardian...

The ingredients:

Compared to it's normal cream cleanser, this cleanser obviously  contained Salicylic Acid.
Salicylic Acid as you know,purposely  can reduces the appearance of pimples. Not just that, it also can helps slow down shedding of the cells inside the follicles, preventing clogging and it's also helps break down blackheads and whiteheads.(source)

Price : rm14.++ for 100g
Verdict :

  • Consistency... is cream type,not foamin.. so don't expect any bubble..when you apply it.
  • It's seem control my acne problem so far.. (currently my stress level is zero LOL)
  • It's gentle to my skin, wont dry my skin, or feeling tight..whatsoever..
  • Contained  microexfoliating beads good for sloughin off impurities or dead skin cells
  • It's scent is really refreshng, nice.. flowerie....not overpowering.
  • and of cos it contained anti-aging benefit too ( you still need to wear the anti-aging cream too)
  • it's cheap! good! me likey!!
Rating : 4.5/5.0


Sherry on December 30, 2009 at 3:09 PM said...

no try this yet :)

ms.iu on December 30, 2009 at 3:24 PM said...

huhuuh.. try it!! =D

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