Review : Lancome Maquiliquide UV Infinite Everlasting Foundation spf20/pa+++

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aaahhh the rain is still pouring down outside..there no sun shines...

Oh well, i'm not going to talk about weather today.But...let's talk about foundation. Anyway, i bought this foundation since few months back and i dont have a perfect time to review it.

Product Description:
a sensationally fresh and light liquid foundation with infinite wear. Its flawless, shine-free, poreless finish lasts all day long as if freshly made-up. This lightweight, infinitely fresh water-based texture easily glides over imperfections and fine lines with impeccable fit, without thickness or cakiness while natural essential glucose derivatives offer comfortable adherence and perfect fusion with the skin, for fade-proof perfection all day long.

The formula also contains pore-tightening complex to improve skin’s texture for a smooth, even skin while Aquafix formulation preserves the complexion from shine, sweat and humidity while keeping make-up lastingly intact under any conditions. Specific combination of fillers offer perfect coverage for flawless natural translucent complexion.

Price : rm130 for 30ml

Firstly, it comes with frosty classy bottle with pump. So you dont have to worry about the wastage of the foundation.

This liquid foundation is lightweight,water-based textured. So for oily skin you might not have to worry much.

As the texture is slightly watery, it's tend to glides on skin easily, even out my skin without cakiness or thickness...the light formula also make it's feel nothing on my skin. But you must know that this foundation.. has light coverage. SO dont put 100% hope that it can veil your pimples scars and major imperfection, but not to worry..concealer will do its job...right?

You also need to aware that this foundation has sheer coverage, some might not this part (but not much, if you dont mind?).. You can absolute see the glow after apply the foundation...(see my fotd)

But, i'm not really sure that this formula can really tighten my pores thoo( like description says)...huhuhu...but it's last very long till i remove it!

Unfortunately, only 6 shades available here ( i bought a bit lighter to my skin tone..according to SA, the foundie will follow the skintone, but when it's's just okay) ....and it has little fragrance that will not bug.

Rating : 3.9/5.0

Overall,it's just okay to me... i like it i dont hate it..ohh what m saying? okaylahh cyaaa.. buhbyeee... have a great weekend! (^_^)



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