Haul : what you can get for RM5.++ >RM6 ?? and New Moon.

Monday, November 30, 2009

So hoo.. how's your monday?
got a monday blues??
me?NADAA!! ohh i have such a pleasant monday i guess.
window shopping and some budget buying.Ops nearly..spending on a Chrismas set due to handsome SA that served me very nicely and friendly and ooohh indescribably..but suddenly...i managed to stop it,and remind myself again.. enough of that.(well let's hope so for now.Heee)..So.. let's see what i got for only rm5.++ and below RM6..

okay. from Daiso.. i bought 3 items. Firstly the eyebrow pencil , a box (i can fill my MAC and NARS blush into it),and Foundation triangle disposible sponge everythin cost me RM5 each. Then back to Guardian;i bought  2 JM mask for RM5.90 each and J&J Syampoo to wash my brushes for RM5.80. LAsttly...from Eliato the purple nail polish for RM5. haha ..TDD? RM42.60 ;)

ohhh yeahhh i already watched New Moon...Jacob handsome berambut pendek..lol...EC pula tetap jambu..lol..anyway.. i cant wait..to watch Esclipe...next!

Check out this great spoof of New Moon from The Puppets =D

Good Night..Buhbye


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