Good time..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Around 6.30pm : Got back from Malacca,watched movie..and window shopping. Melepak di kaunter Shiseido with a very nice SA.. asking her about the latest Shiseido Future LX range.. ohh nottomention with the price tag..*glup* 1K (for the night cream)..and i can tell from the packaging look oh so lux and pretty.. I also playing with the foundation..i never had a crush on Shiseido .....perhaps i should try once..ahaha!!maybe!!...

And.. never knew that M'ca also have Daiso Japan..the RM5 stuffs store (some of the stuffs are made from China thoo..)..
and Yukoso SHiyuki.. ahaa i bought nothing there...
end up .. ternampak kekasih

aaahh tired...(T_T)

need to iron my baju and have a good sleep...
so see yaaa.. buh-bye!!



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