Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Fresh VS ZA Deep Cleansing Oil.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lets start with ... ???

Highly raves, The Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil-Fresh.

Product description:
For combination to oily skin conditions .
A lightweight cleansing oil that leaves the skin clean, fresh and refined. ideal for normal to oily skin types and acne-prone skin.

paraffinum liquidum / mineral oil , isopropyl myristate , c12-15 alkyl benzoate , peg-20 glyceryl triisostearate , dicaprylyl carbonate , ethyl oleate , sea water , prunus cerasus / bitter cherry extract , tocopheryl acetate , polysorbate 85 , peg-6 diisostearate , glycerin , capryl glycol / caprylyl glycol , propylene glycol , menthoxypropanediol , linalool , parfum / fragrance.

Price : RM99.00

Next :

ZA Deep Cleansing Oil

Product Description:
1.Smoothly reaches every pores to dissolve stubborn pore clogging impurities.
2.A splash water swiftly liquefies deep cleansing oil to easy rinse off.
3. Leaves skin sleek and soft.
4.Gentle enough for bare skin,strong enough to remove mascara/waterproof make-up

Mineral oil,cetyl octanoate,peg12 diisostearate,peg-10 isostearate,phenyl trimethicone,water, olive oil,rice germ oil,alchohol,isostearic acid,tocopherol, fragrance.

Price : rm20 or below..(not sure!)

Readyyy todo the experiments???

If you still new to cleansing oil...

  • make sure your fingers/palm are dry...

  • pump the oil into your palm..

  • spread it..onto your dry face..eyes areaa..or mascaraa..

  • aahh you knoww Japanese suka massage-massage part kan...? so you need to massage the oil for like 30 seconds or more it depends.

  • add a few drops of lukewarm water to face to emulsify and the oil will turn to milky white..

  • massage it again...

  • rinse thoroughly (be careful! if the oil gets into your may get temporary blur vission!)

    How it performed???opss stupid me i dont remove my contact lens before cleansing!lol

    1. Shu uemura has a lovely therapeutic scent, while ZA has very familiar oil scent.
    2. Shu uemura has light / runny consistency perhaps becoz it's made for combo/oily type of skin, ZA oil is abit thicker like oil...(dont know how to describe,lol).
    3. Both remove mascara..but Za take abit more think!
    4. Shu uemura emulsify quickly with water..compared to ZA still got the oil feeling...
    5. Both leaves residue (inside my eyes!ohh scary)..Shu uemura leaves the moisture feeling, But ZA left more eyeliner residue..and oil residue.
    6. Shu need to do double cleansing (sometimes, i still do double cleansing)), ZA need double cleansing..due to the oil residue...
    7. So far... no breakout!! yippie!
    8. I always have difficulty with Shu uemura pump, compared to ZA's pump...the pump is much smaller..

    Hmmm the verdict? to me..

  • Shu uemura is a good product to remove make-up.It clean my face without drying it.. but me think it's just okay to remove eye-make-up.The only make it different, i reckoned is their benefits of ingredients :
    cherry extract - refines skin texture by smoothing skin surface and helps bring radiance,fresh clean aroma based on sakura (cherry blossom), grapefruit and lily.Deep sea water - found in the deep sea below depths of 200 meters. naturally provides moisture to skin, and helps to enhance skin transparency and improve skin quality(source)..But ..the price is a little/much steep d'oh!!..

  • While Za only has the benefits of natural plant oil (olive oil?)that contained vitamin E...ZA also performed well to remove make-up..the only gripe to me.. is the oil residue...ohh aaa..

    Overall,i cant really select the winner here.Basically, it's just depends on what you likee/suitable to your skin type not...or you willing to splurge on make-up remover or not??i bought Shu Uemura becoz i feel itchy to try and i got voucher lol..the purpose is still the same right??? yaaa..yaaa so? choose!choose!

    okay..that's all buh-bye..

    *lemming for Benefit Holiday Collections! i wonder how much the sets price!*



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