10 things i love about him...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

  1. He 's family man..-homie type of person, who's jarang-jarang keluar malam-malam & hangout with friends.
  2. He likes cat...
  3. Seldom complaint....of what i like or don't like.
  4. He's sweet not a sweet-talker...& he has a good sense of humour!*that's makes me happy!!*
  5. He's tech/computer geek!
  6. He take care of my feeling...coax me when i sad..he never said somethings harsh to me!
  7. He loves reading (cos i hate reading).
  8. He's understand me..better...
  9. He's specky! & tall...& handsome!=D
  10. and of cos...today is our 397 days of anniversary.....and nothings changed...everything is still the same... and i hope for many-many years to come....*amin*



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