why?why and why?

Friday, April 3, 2009

  • Lately i've been thinking about him....the flashback, the things that i loath and the things i love...why it's keep bombarding my head without any mercy and i didnt notice it happened like for 4 years ago...somethings bull****ness at that time & i am now tersengih & asking myself...why should i remember???
  • In fact, the journey of life has change me the way i am, better to not know than...knew that somethings that will eventually hurt.
  • I'm lastminutes person...procrastinator & whatsoever, i had done half of my workload but the leftover will be continued soon...whenever i wanna be the first..but still i'm the last!eeeehhhhee.
  • The internet connection is abit retarded so...should i complaint to TM?? hahaha.
  • Shopping.....!!! i want!! =((



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