Review : NYX Jumbo lip pencil (coffee)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ooohh well...peeps!!

when i ordered this color, i hopee that this color is similar to *mac creamesheen l/s ( cream in your coffee) -aaaaa rugi betul laa tak beli time tu*...yelaa selalunyer... i hate l/s mac punyer texture....except their LE creamesheen..but....i was wrong.. sadly to say...tak sama pong!! *sigh*...

to be exact...color die..alaa-alaaa macam air milo lah...hihihi....or kopi susu....
but..still thee creamy...creaammyy.... it's similar to the nyx round lipstick......=).'s proceed to the picciess :

oooo perhaps it's look better with mac l/g Little Vi :


Rating : 2.5/5

oohhh next i'll review :

  • nyx round l/g real nude or doll pink.
  • nyx l/g with megashine smokey look.
  • nyx round l/s herades.
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