L'oreal revitalift SPF18

Saturday, March 7, 2009

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Hmmm.. Guardian is starting their sale...till end of this month...& alots of best buy,discount...products etcs. My mum also took this advantage to buy her substitute moisturizer, other than...her moisturizers in her room ,re-stocking her stuffs & watsnot. And.... this is one that she bought.

Again... i'm not a big fan of Loreal skincare products...but, my mom love this. Hmm...wait! one thing.. i like the floral scent of this cream.it's smell fresh!...ohoh

The texture:
others? you may enlarge this?

Best buy: rm39 only

I'm not sure whether this product really do like what it claimed...my mom also got few of other moisturizer as well. but....this is one of my mom fav. for the price she paid, me thinks..it's definitely a steal... compared to other High End product.... why not right?

*this review is base on personal experience...some people might have different output/result..TQ*



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