Review: Crazy Rumors Perk (French Vanilla) lipbalm.

Monday, March 30, 2009

a coffee break for your lips!!

i must say..i love this lip balm..
if u still remember..i got this lastweek...together with other items as well..

ooo this smell coffee + vanilla...
and it's French Vanilla actually.
the description from the website :
Natural creamy vanilla kissed with a hint of coffee.
i love the texture of this lipbalm...
love the packaging....
it's 100% natural which is good.
cruelty free & vegan... double goodness.
ooo i love to smell this when i feel sleepy at work!!omg, i know i'm coffee addict.

price : usd4 for 15oz tube. ( you can pre-order from MalaysianBeautyStore starting mid-April now).yep btw, have variety kinda of flavors tho... please check it out at

Rating : 4.8/5 love it!

more? please proceed to the photos:



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