Review : ZA two - way foundation (now edition)

Friday, January 30, 2009

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Hye peeps! another drugstore product i reckon! hahaha.. i love watson & i love guardian... So, this what i bought today!i know this compact foundation has been in market for ages,only now i managed to grab one for myself..lalaaalala. For me, luxe or less, doesnt matter, as long as it's good!hiks! less is better right? But, dont get me wrong, i also splurge sometimes...oki. back to the topic.

this two-way foundation:

" a cleaver foundation for a clear,fresh natural look".

Cleaver??.. we'll see... So,the descriptions:

1. bright-up powder reflects light & smoothes imperfections for luminous,even skin.
2. anti-shine powder absorbs oil for all day freshness ( this is good for my T-Zone).
3. Easy touch-up
4. SPF 20 protect skin from UVA/UVB rays ( this is good tho,but i still trust my sunblock).
5.vit E , helps protect skin from oxidation.
6. Wont clog pores
7. comes with anti-bacterial sponge ( hmm?).
8.dermatologist tested.

Price :
retail at watson : rm36.55(now).

The texture! i like it..same like revlon compact powder,which is good & light..
More than i expected.But, i love to apply it with my brush rather than sponge.
but, one thing...i'm quite worried about the case,me dont like much....hmmm...but, it just fine actually. =).

Rating : 4/5

*this review is base on personal experience...some people might have different output/result..TQ*



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