Review : The Body Shop Vit. C Skin Boost.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ok i've been busy for whole week, lotsa works, meeting & yada-yada.. i dont have time to download or watching my fav tv series, most of them are back on air this week..aiih..workks.. what to say right???

Seriously i missed my uni life..more like enjoy,lepak-ing, except for the assignments & freaking presentation.....hihihi..

Ok that's the back to the topic, i'm here to review this TBS product that i had bought lastweek. Hmm, there's not much info about this product at their website, they just mention that:

A light, refreshing gel that boosts the skin's smoothness, radiance, and vitality, leaving if supple and conditioned. Now with even more concentrated vitamins and super conditioners.-TBS

Vitamin C is essential for us and of cos to our skin.Vit c contained antioxidant can help reduce skin damage caused by free radicals. So,when vitamin C is properly delivered into skin cells, there is a good chance to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture. I also found out that Vit. C is essential for the synthesis of collagen,which is a key structural protein of the skin.Adding vitamin C to a culture of skin cells will dramatically increases the synthesis of collagen.It can eventually help to fight wrinkles /saggy skin.

How to apply?
After you clean your face & put the toner and stuff...then,just pump out a tiny bit of gel on your finger and apply it directly onto your face, before you wearing your moisturizer, sunblock or your foundation.I also put tiny bit of it under my eyes area.It also can be use as the make-up base.;).Then, it will miraculously leave your skin silky smooth.Trust me..

Texture: clear gel & not oily at all...=)

quite pricey rm79 for only 30ml.

I love it so much. i've been using it for a week and i can see slightly different on my skin. i'm using it at the morning before i go to work and at night before's smell oranges & i think i'm so addicted to it.hahahaa. One thing i noticed, when i use this product & after that apply the sunblock/moisturizer & compact foundation...i can see that my skin (T-Zone) is less oily than before.It's a magic or what? i'll wait & see how this 30ml bottle can last with me.But, for me it's definitely worth buying.

Rating : 4.5 /5 (i like!)

*updated* 11 April 2009 : my first bottle of TBS Vit.C Skin Boost had finished....yepp after 3 months & plus..pluss...


Anonymous said...

Good post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.


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