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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Started from 2001-2002 when i was in the first year of diploma, i used to have kinda notso serious big pimples appeared on my face,especially on my cheek...& super oily skin too...perhaps due to hormones... or else at that time, i was staying in condo at Pandan Indah, i think somethings wrong with the quality of water in that area...kotor ke hape ke,tak roomates also had the same prob on their,i tried a few cleanser mostly based on tea tree oil...and i think this was my penyelamat:TBS Tea Tree oil facial wash.

yep,,it's contained tea tree oil as you knew which can combat blemishes, it also soothing the skin..& etcs. i also used their daily toner...which i think work really well onto my face.
mmm... if i'm not mistaken, instead of this product i also tried another drugstore cleanser which was also based on tea tree oil...named, T3(dah tak wujud kot skrg!)...
after a few bottles of TBS, alhamdulillah my face kembali normal... so...i used other drugstore product...which i really like cos it's mild...suitable for sensitive skin, what else :

yes... Cetaphil Daily facial cleanser..recommend by dermatologist/skin doc. Yess!! it's really good tho...(my HG at that moment!)

Finally, my skin turn to perfectly normal(accept for pimple's hole,here & there ..which sometimes bugging me,but it's oklah...).... then,i started back again to use normal cleanser from drugstore such as nivea facial foam, olay....etc..

i'm easily getting bored with my cleanser, i also tried luxe product, like Biotherm & Clinique(step 1-2-3)...and it's just fine, nothing much different..tho...except i have to pay more on that stuffs.hahaha..

So, then i back with neutrogena deep cleansing foam & their fair fairness facial foam.....which was okay to me, and then i switched to... olay total effect facial cleanser,after it came out to market.(which i love so much).perhaps i'm one of Olay loyal consumer.....watever.

but again....i'm getting bored, so i decided to try other cleanser (currently), yes this Eucerin white solution gentle cleansing foam..but....too bad, sometimes... my skin is drying after using it, i have to apply moisturizer immediately after clean my face...*sigh*

hmmm after finished this huge tube ( which cost me aprrox rm28 if i'm not mistaken), i'll try to hunt for another new cleanser....!hmmm...atau kembali kepada Olay total effect.huhuhu... we'll see. ;)..tralalalaala......

it's wednesday & i'm still in holiday! yeppie... =D

*image courtesy from google image & myown camera*



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