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Sunday, December 21, 2008

hayloo peeps!

If you have severe dark circle like me, you cant simply put concealer but first step you have to dab corrector onto your under eye area....& followed by your yellow- base concealer.

Bobbi Brown has created Corrector Concealer which offers extra coverage that you need when you're sporting seriously dark circles.

This corrector has peachy-pink base to cancel out darkness..and neutralize your dark cirles. (purple-brown undereye dark cirle).i must said that it works wonderfully well at concealing all woes.....the texture is creamo and easy to apply...with finger or concealer brush,up to you.=)

How to apply?
Firstly, i applied tiny bit of eye-cream onto my under eye, then dab a lil bit of BB corrector you can use concealer brush..then, dab again & remember dont rub it! just dab... a lil bit of BB concealer & loose powder... voila!! you're done!

The price? i must say it's bit pricey RM80 for's worth it cos you might need just little amount of it for every application to disguise the darkness...

for medium skin tone like me..i used dark peach for corrector & with honey or warm beige for concealer.


overall?? i'm so in love with this's also lasting to me..i dont wanna waste my money for wrong shade of concealer again & my eye area turn into greyieesh.....yikes!for those have the same problem with me, i really recommend you to grab this corrector..especially for those who's wearing glasses & wanto change for contact lens plus having weird ugly dark circle under your eyes!ops that's me...but for those have very oily type of skin, i think maybe you can try a concealer from Benefit (erase paste) which is water-based texture,not oily..but i dont know whether it can really hide your dark circle...So, just go to the counter and try it yourself!!ok....

Rating : 5/5

ok till then, chiowwww....



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