review : Bobbi Brown LE Basic Lips Pallete

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My another impulse buying....

I love their LE copper diamond shimmer bricks but, it's doesnt suit my skin tone...eventho i have medium skin tone, but to me... it's more shimmer...than the copper colors.*sigh*..i love their LE shimmer brick packaging...aihhh...whatosay,,it's cost rm145. so, when i stop by their outlet two weeks ago..they were having promotion in conjunction with the holiday LE collections..with free orange juice & pastries and their SA much more nicer than at the mac counter...actually i was searching for neutral/nude colors for me to wear at work...i had tried several colors of their lipstick but it doesnt impressed me's turn perfectly o.k on skin(swatches), but not on my lips...i have never tried their lipstick before...then i came to another part of the store i saw this LE basic lips pallete, the SA helping me to put the lipstick onto my lips and suddenly tadaaaa i'm quite impressed! plus i dont have any lip pallete in my impulse bought from one lipstick to a pallete!...phewww...

so here's the photo of the pallete:

from L-R : Posey(shimmer gloss), naked(lipgloss), Brownie(lip color), Rum raisin(lip color)
For me, it's doesnt have creamy texture...not like benefit l/s(retail:rm72 @ counter) or nyx round l/s(online: or others but it has smooth texture and long-lasting...tho....;).it's also easy to apply with lip brush.the cons, you have to apply more than 1 layer of the lipcolor to see the exact color that you want.

rm160, i know it's expensive for lips pallete...but again this was my impulsive bought, so i just close my eyes & paid.hahaha....=P

On lip:
1. I'm using Brownie lip color

2. I'm using Brownie lip color+Posey

overall, i must said that i like this pallete due to its color & lasting power, but it's too pricey...right??hihii.So,it;s up to you, whether you want to splurge or save??hahaha....

Rating : 4/5



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