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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ok peeps, as you can see on the right side of this blog or below, i have a new waiting list with 7 stuffs..i had ordered from &, thru..Ryan..These cost me about hundred and plus ringgit!... okay after this nomore brushessss ok!!i've been banned for that! hihihihi....(ya right?!)

Btw, the spree is still open ... if you like to purchase cheap brushes from US,& other stuffs from US you can click to the link above. =).

crown brush:(USD 13.34) = rm76.02
1. Luna BK18 - deluxe round crease
2. Luna BK21 - Stable eyeliner
3. Perfectly Pink PP16 Mini smudger
4. Backstage S225 Shadow crease
5. Studio C104 Angel Blush
6. Luna BK15 LARGE CHISEL FLUFF (usd 3.49) =rm26.56
1. Milani Blush Compact, Luminous

Beautycruch(usd 6) = rm36.69
1. Bella Sweetheart Eye Shadow Palette

*updated : arrived/received on jan 19,2009.*



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