back to high school..1995-1997

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I just got back from my highschool bestie, Alin's wedding reception....
back at Semenda..
knowing her since form 1 till form 3..(1995-1997)
we were so close at that time...but, unfortunately..when pmr result released, i had been offered to boarding school all the way to sc muar..

but, we still sending kad each other..notto forget she always drew nice picture to the card*touched*..& mailed it to me.

my fault, busy...changing phone no, friends, she also further her study to uitm with her twin aida..and so...and so.....making our friendship not so that close.

Lastime i met her, was on Herda's wedding i think almost 4 years time flies..really quick eh??..*sigh*

Today, i met few of my schoolmates, junai, aida(alin's twin), nani, herda,zawana, mahathir & rohaizan.... hahaha..believed it or not... most of them....will tight the knot next year.omg!congrates!congrates!

ok.... before... i end, (below) is Alin...isnt she pretty??...=)



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