review: Honey Moisturising Bath Cream(Wisteria Fragrance)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Okay peeps! i'm soooo sooo cant wait for nextweek to come!! But before that,before i'm counting the hours,please let me give a short review of this guardian product, so called "Honey Moisturising Bath Cream(Wisteria Fragrance).

Hmm, saya sangat suka cuba product baru, frankly speaking saya memang tak pernah cuba Guardian products(yang berlogo guardian) before...but i love to try variety kinda shower/bath cream/gel/foam...but this cream shower catched my attention coz it won in Cosmopotitan mag nov 2008...The Best Shower, why not lah kita cuba.

Okay, so...we proceed?
Actually they have 3 fragrance
Iris, wisteria & lily. but i choose wisteria tak tahulah kenapa...disebabkan shower cream ini diwrap habis dengan plastik, so... saya tidak tahulah wangian mana yang paling sempurna.;)

okay bila di pam keluar...texture creamo
nya seperti ini:Okay, in term of scent, at first.... saya suka baunya seperti honey..but when i mixed it water...baunye agak kuat sedikit.....maybe..that's Wisteria...maybe i should take Iris or Lily, right??.

moisturise? I dont think it give enough moisturiser for skin, you still need lotion.but it's ok forme coz saya memang tak suka shower cream yang terlalu moisturise sbb saya akan rasa melekit & tak selesa.

deeply cleanses?:hmmm....not so i guess.
nourishes & moisturises your delicate skin?: hmmm it claimed to have honey extract,milk protein & vitamin i hope it will give some good effect to my skin.

price?: 700ml for rm12.90.

hmm, i missed my M&S China Blue shower cream....heaven!


Anonymous said...

it looks like you have sperm on your hand


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