FOTD: people change,so do i....

Friday, November 28, 2008

Ok, this would be my very plain look,i just put some light make-up,eyeliner & lipgloss...ussually when i goto work.

notso simple, but simple lah....:),dont you think?.

ok, rasa nya i've changed quite much, when i was back in uni i used to be a very lazy-ass person.imagine i can wear the same tudung for 1 week?omg! ,(frankly speaking!).. just because i hate ironing bajus,tudung or yang sewaktu dengan nya..but, when i have a date with my blah bf or going out for shopping with my lovely gfs...i might transformed abit lah( much, i can say).

work? you have to look perfect! smart,nice, clean, presentable and blablabla.

oklah, it's already 11 o' sleepy! so, that's all peeps!

enjoy your weekend.! =D



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