Review: Freeman Facial Gel Scrub (Raspberry)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I had read so many reviews about FREEMAn products such as masks, facial scrubs, cleanser,body butter and etc..some are good & some not.So, i decided to try it on my own...& i went to the nearest watson. I'm actually hunt for the clay mask(avocado & oatmeal)...but it was finitto already :(....only left ,the pineapple mask & peel off mask...So, to replace it, i bought the facial gel scrub(raspberry)..fortunately there 's only one left... the rest are apricot creamy facial scrub..... because i have oily+ combination skin, so i prefer to use the gel scrub. i love raspberry.smell so sweet & yummy......

When i arrived home.... i immediately tried this scrub. Actually I seldom use scrub for face, i usually or only use facial foam to clean my hoo givit a try verdict??. i must say i like this scrub,scrubbing granules are just small, only small amount is enough to scrub all over your face, & the granules will dissolve when you scrubbing. The best part, it wont leave your face dry/oily. i think it's enough moisturize for the also make the skin feel soft & smooth.

The tube is huge enough for(150ml) & price only Watson.

Rating : 3.5/5



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