review: Essential calamine lotion.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I know, most of you must have heard of calamine lotion...right?
Calamine lotion can soothes skin irritation, relieves the discomfort and itchiness of...sunburn, mosquito or insect bites, hives, rashes, dermatitis and for pimples.

i think.. it's must have item for every person, in case of emergency right?.. i also used it if i'd accidentally terkena minyak panas...hiks!..(please dont use it on severe sunburn/extensive burns etcs) but i dont use it for pimples problem.

and i prefer this Essential calamine lotion.

(bought it at guardian for like rm7.90, if i'm not mistaken).

ingredients :

Rating : 4/5

but, i don't recommend this to persons who's having hypersensitivity to calamine or zink oxide.(perhaps, you must read the ingredients first.)


Anonymous said...

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