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Sunday, September 21, 2008

what's makes myself feel contented and happy? ;)

the ans, i bought these!
  1. fluffy cheek brush
  2. Maybelline volum express hyper curl mascara(very black)
  3. kate eyeshadow

So, let's review the kate(kanebo) eyeshadow that i just bought.Hmm... i'm actually tried to find not expensive eyeshadow berwarna blue yang akan match for my baju kurung pesak gantung@pahang for this raya...disebabkan, my eyes have sortof dark circle,so kenelah pandai pilih color yang tak lagi...lah sangat menampakkan those dark circle.ihik!

case with flash:

hmm... without flash:

with flash:

on hand( with flash):

Hmmm owhh before i forgot...

& this :




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