Friday, September 19, 2008

Hmmm i had few notwached movie yang telah di download since hari itu....dan takda masaa..utk di layan lagi.(lihat sebelah kiri blog ini).So, Hmm... baru malam tadi habiskan tengok movie Sex in the City.hihi..i found it interesting(i love the shoes & the bags)...eventho kene laayan for 2 hours and 3o's oki.

Onthe way.. at home, still downloading, Project runaway 510..and antm 1104.& House 501.

Countdown to Heroes on 22 september! owh peeps! guess what's gonna happened with sylar after cured tu kan??hihihi.....
So, i know eventho i'm busy with work and everythings called job job..due date and stuffs, but... itu tidak bermakna saya akan disconnected with certain stuffs yang boleh menggembirakan hati saya.=)

okilah, till then selamat berbuka.




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