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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I browsed through the internet and i found the article, revealed about the latest Ralph Lauren fragrance for fall 2008. omg! Ralph notorious!.... cant wait to smell it ,bila mau sampai ke Mesia??... but as usual pasti mahal harganya.

Okay a lil info of this perfume :

"Base note of vanilla for Notorious and paired it with a seductive vintage patchouli musk that incorporates patchouli aged in oak barrels for five years to offer depth, character and smoothness, plus a hint of darkness. The floral heart of Notorious is comprised of fiery carnation (a spicy floral), white frost peonies and chocolate cosmos, a flower indigenous to Mexico and the American Southwest. Its lushness and drama appealed to Gillotin, and this is the first time that the note appears in a fine fragrance. While chocolate cosmos has a hint of chocolate scent, it is a floral note and not gourmand. Gillotin selected notes of peony and carnation to round out the heart. he sparkling spices in the top notes, pink peppercorn, black currant and Italian bergamot, modernize the scent and give it a bit of a kick to express the spark of excitement that the Notorious woman creates at first impression." Robin, Aug 8, 2008.

So what to expect???

So, as usual for summer...perfume maker/designer always create more lighter fragrance...mostly in edt, but for fall collection they(perfumer) usually invented more spicy, heavy, intense perfume @edp,.. seriously i cant wait to try those Fall 2008 collection come to malaysia.Let's go to perfume counter!! ;)

Okay before that, please take a look at the latest frag ads by Dior, Dior Home Sport. mr. jude law yg ensem!! ;)

And sexy Matt Gordon for Paco Rabanne's upcoming 1 Million fragrance for men. The music is by the Chemical Brothers.

and this is also the latest frag from Emporio Armani, the Diamonds For Men, Josh Harnet...nghee...;)



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