Monday, August 18, 2008

Shopping is another way to get rid of any symptom of stress ,away from boredom..definately, instead of watching movies and watnot. It's so so..therapeutic...i reckon, or to be exact it's the girl's bestfriend.I wonder how girl can live without shopping?, me for instant...when i go shopping it will takes my mind off things that i dont like to worry about, theehe... so like typical right?!..yes, girl will be girls , window shopping also can!!! ;)

Yesterday i went for a shopping....again!
everythings yang saya nampak & i was like rambang mata.
excuse me, as long as... gueh tidak susahkan sesapa with my money.
Yep, as ussual...since the first payment, half of my salary...go to saving account, and the remaining...
i can do what i want. ahaha...;-)

Back to the shopping story, i was actually searching for a handbag...but end up, i still go to the perfume counter and tested variety of smells frags.omg!!i am perfume-crazy-please-help-me!.. from esteelauder variety choices to bulgary, vera wang, armani... dior... back to dior. But, end up.. i bought Dior(50ml miss dior cherie).Seriously i'm actually tempted to b Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.. but the price is..rm300 plus. omg...i think i cant afford that price for a perfume, but maybe...save if for hantaran probably one day.InsyaAllah.hihi...I love perfume, if i can have myown perfume brand/creation someday.aahh...that's would be nice ek?and i also got rm20 voucer for the perfume.whoppie!!& i also got free 50ml j'adore Perfume Body Lotion. okay... that auntie(the promoter) was so nice i tell you!!.hihi please go to Parkson.;-)

A lil bit info for this summer collection(miss dior cherie).
Dominant notes of this fragrance are mandarin in the top notes, peony flowers in the heart and sensual white musk trace in the base note.hihii.... ;)
from top.
*Dior miss dior-cherie*rm219*
Owh, yes.. i still bought a handbag.(CarloRino) which on 20% sale from rm229.00 to rm183.00.hihihi.white,coco,gold..haha it's funny!but i likeit!!

Lunch at : Burger King..

and lastly i watched movie " WALL-E" HAHA... LIKE IT ALso.....

so that's how i end my day.i'm happy.lovely... and i love myself so much.thank you....xoxo.



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