Friday, August 29, 2008

Hmm..ops!! before that, i read some article review abt how long will your frag collection will last??hmmm the writer decided to figure out the “life expectancy” of his perfume at the end of the so-called experiment, he figured the lifespan of each 50ml & 100ml perfume's bottle. shocking enough???hihii...(source: here)

Lotsa and lotsa new perfumes have entered into Malaysia market nowdays,the price is gone up higher compared to 5 or 6 years ago, i guess.It's hard to find the edp which price below RM200 now...unless you bought it at the some rejected or somewhere ?or not ori one right?But you choose(wishful thinking, i'm in europe) But still people like me or someother perfume-mania willing to wasting their money on it.hihi why??because beautiful scent in that bottle, will sometimes makes myself feel pretty tho(ops sound poyo)!hmm, yes i'm pretty concern about the scent,i'm willing to pay it more because of the originality and trust, yup perhaps some people might complaint, but who cares right?everyone waste their money on something....i admit that.Are you??.So, heresome new perfume in market, suit you or not.!you decide!!just remember,dont forget the coffee after you smell more than 4 types of perfume. ;) let's go peeps.. to pavillion, klcc,mv...haha...

1. Gucci by Gucci.
2. L'eau d'issey (Issey miyake)
3.roxy love
4.bobby brown almost bare
5. CKintoU PoP
6.Lancome magnifique



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