Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm still the same person.. who's love beauty products & who's love to go shopping just like other typical girls. hahaha..now, when mega karnival sale is started...with...money..i can do whatever i wanna do(mean: shopping),or another words it's really makes me crazy!. I just bought new lingerie from wacoal and long lasting lipstick from clinique. hahaa...love it!eventho i'm not big fan of this products...hehe..1st choice wud be: bobby brown or mac. but, for lipstick i must say.. i love it!

If some might say i am high maintenance-type-of girl perhaps, you're right...but wait..hello, i dont give a damn ok. At least, i am splurge-ing my own money to myself rather than give it to the other person that might not important at all.i need those retails theraphy just forthesake of me..coz i just wanna to be happpy.penat keje wooo! ngheee..*batling eyelashes*

But, excuse me... i'm still me.. i'm still go eating at warong or gerai.. yg sedap2 murah spt..char kuew tiaw,mamak stall yg & bersih...necessarry.please dont simply cop mohor gueh yg bukan-bukan.okaylaaa...
i'm a bit tired tho. missed my buddy cant wait for the month to end.

till then..chiow..

next i'm gonna get this."Fresh Bloom Allover Colour"..wheeepieeee ;).worth rm115 only.



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