yang tersimpan....

Friday, April 4, 2008

When other gstt members said.." haiii busy nye cikgu @yu..ni sekarang".. and so, i just smile back to them. Being busy makes me temporary forget all the things that's bugging me. ..with open heart i accept all the works....i wish i have more works.. .okay...

for example..yesterday.. i have no time untuk minum air... busy inserting formative test 1 for 3 hijau students...i have no time untuk sit down and chitchat with other members.Obviously they noticed my disappearing. Yes, i'm serious with my works...everyone noticed that. i dont want to give a bad impression from other senior teachers toward me..since most of them knew who i am..actually.

Yesterday... i formally received my surat perlantikan as a teacher.. at SMKTSI with the syarat-syarat and total basic salary..and allowance...yepei!!!...okay...today... i'm still busy... updating the results... and...yada-yada...

back from school at 12.10pm.

ok..i need rest!.ngantuk...zzz



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