Friday, March 21, 2008

The routine as a real working lady...which is a teacher is like this: wake up 6.15am every morning, mandi,subuh prayer, breakfast and.. 7.00am.. headed to school. hmm..haha... lalala...i'll get use to it..sape la nak kasi...free2 2-4 everymonth kan..? hahaha.. it's comes perhaps less burden but with big responsibilities.

So today is friday, early in the morning 7.40 till 8.00am.. there was a recitation of surah Yassin at hall.(with all Muslim teachers and form 5 students).

Another 2 more new gstt teacher registered. i was like haaaa? new more...but yeh! i made another friends.yepei..!!!I 'm agreee when they said there was absolutely really huge different.. between work and study... e.x: the way you communicate.. is totally differ and change.... how i miss my gila-gila clans..back at cheras and cyber.sigh....When you have to act professional and be more more gilak-gilak... everything is one time opportunity. I'm gad.. i had a good my degree i have a good job...even it is temporary... but this might one step to successful future.InsyaAllah....

I had ICTL meeting before balik tadi, even tho i still don't have the real timetable.. but i already received my modules. hey! I'm over excited....*batting eyelashes*



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