march....will be..okay

Saturday, March 1, 2008

yes.. it is march already. and april is approaching...

mak usu and her husband.. came to my house... so, as ussual we cooked somethings special for lunch. ayam masak cili padi is one of the favourite. frankly speaking, i had a prob..dealing with the bawang merah...everytime i'll try to kupas and meracik bawang merah..mataku tak henti2 berair and pedih...walaupun dalam jarak yg jauh. any tips? utk tak jadi begitu lagi.benci tau.

so, after we had lunch, we went out to the optician shop coz my auntie..wanted to make a new spec. my mum and i accompanied her there. then, we headed to Giant supermrket, went back home & had tea-time together.



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