Saturday, March 22, 2008

Man,omg...thinking about the past which i dun wish to think anymore. It makes me question myself again, Why? Why? Why? I cant accept the fact. The fact that I'm blinded by lies,twisted words... The fact that I being cheated by the some kind of jerk. Jerk that I dont wish to get involve with. This hatred is increasing. This anger is adding to the fire. I hate this feelings. But i cant help it.... i misshate him so much. And...perhaps right now he is...enjoying his life-love with someone else ****...and that particular person just stabbed my heart with poison words...Perhaps in past, i was the one who was so loyal and honest with him. i have close my heart tightly,i did everythings because of love.. ..but unfortunately... at the end this is what i got... *sigh*...
Ya Allah...
i have to be patient right..... i always believe..what's goes around comes around.

Sometimes i wish i never exist in this world. why must i have to accept...and still accepting.....My mind is filled with what have happened. I just wish the I could erase all those from my memory. This heart that had never been healed keep bleeding..the more i dig into is like killing myself. It hurts me so much. It hurts me to know that I m so dumb. I cant accept the fate.

"make new life..and forget"

I'm in pain...really. why must they keep disturbing my thought and my life... how to move on... i dont know..where and what and when to start...?



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